How about the development of UPVC pipe?

How about the development of UPVC pipe?

    In August 1998, Xiamen Municipal Construction Commission issued a notice requiring all water supply pipes less than 400mm in diameter and indoor and outdoor drainage pipes to adopt plastic pipes, indicating that plastic pipes have entered a wider application space. However, the shortcomings of UPVC drainage pipes in use are still waiting for us to develop products with high strength, low noise, good fire protection characteristics, low investment, and low energy consumption, to meet the needs of the deeper and wider development of modern construction market. It is gratifying that many scientific research and production units abroad have developed various new products, some of which have gone to the market. They represent the development trend of UPVC pipes.

    The plastic metal composite pipe with mature technology has appeared in the Chinese market, which is resistant to high temperature and low noise. However, due to its high price and small diameter, it is suitable for the cold and hot water pipes in high-grade decoration. There are also plastic steel composite pipes with good rigidity and high-temperature resistance in the Chinese market, but the price is also high and there is no condition for them to be used in the drainage system. Some units in China have developed double-layer plastic pipes to reduce noise Five years ago, the Sichuan Fire Science Research Institute of the Ministry of public security has developed a nonhalogen, antimony free flame retardant PVC formula, with an oxygen index of 51% – 56%, low smoke volume (smoke density grade of about 54%) and low smoke toxicity. However, due to various reasons, the technology has not yet entered the market. Some advanced countries and regions abroad. For example, in Japan, a large number of reinforced double-layer pipes are used, but a shell made of asbestos or reinforced fiber cement is sheathed on the outside of ordinary UPVC pipes, which greatly improves the fire resistance characteristics. According to reports, the pipeline made of this technology can withstand the high temperature of 800o-1010 ℃, and will not produce smoke and soften deformation in fire, so it can be used freely in high-rise buildings. Plastic metal composite pipe and plastic steel composite pipe have been widely used in developed countries and regions.

    Generally speaking, cast iron pipes, cement pipes, and reinforced concrete pipes are still the main drainage projects in China. Although the popularization and application of UPVC drainage pipes have made some achievements, they are still in the initial stage of development in general, and there is still a big gap compared with foreign advanced countries. China’s drainage pipeline service area is less than 70%, planning. By the beginning of the 21st century, it will need a large number of PVC drainage pipes. The broad market provides a better prospect for the development of plastic pipes.

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