What are the water and electricity pipe brands? Water and electricity pipe brand list

For pipe materials, the top ten pipeline brands are probably: Liansu lesso, poly pipeline, merge, Sorbonne pipe, pears ABM, Junxing pipe industry, Weixing vasen, Longsheng pipe ls, jomugy best, Zhongcai, etc. famous (famous) pipeline and water pipe brands are RiFeng, Jinde Ginde, etc.

    As an important material in concealed works, water and electricity pipe materials need to be carefully selected. High-quality pipes will provide a better service life in the future. Many people often look at the brand situation of water and electricity pipes and what are the brand names of water and electricity pipes? How is the ranking? These are all as one of the factors to select the pipe brand. In the following, I will sort out and explain for you to understand the hydropower pipe brand list.

What are the water and electricity pipe brands?

Water and electricity pipe brand

1. Ruihe pipe industry

    Shanghai Ruihe Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., founded in June 2002, formerly known as Shanghai Ruihe Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., is headquartered in the European Industrial Park, Fengxian District, Shanghai, covering an area of 60000 square meters, with a registered capital of 100.8 million yuan and an annual production capacity of 80000 tons of plastic pipes. Subsidiary holding companies are Shanghai Ruihe Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruihe Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tongtong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. There are more than 200 sales companies and offices at home and abroad, and more than 3000 brand marketing networks. The products are sold well in more than 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China, and exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company is an innovative high-tech modern enterprise with industrial investment as the main body, integrating scientific research, development, production, and sales.

    Water and electricity pipe brand list

2. COFCO real estate

    COFCO real estate (Group) Co., Ltd. (000031) is a comprehensive real estate development listed enterprise whose business scope includes residential real estate, commercial real estate, and industrial real estate. The controlling shareholder is COFCO Group Co., Ltd., one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. The company has 10 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenzhen. COFCO real estate is strategically positioned to become a leading domestic real estate enterprise with comprehensive market influence. At present, the mature product series mainly include the tripod landscape Housing series, urban boutique Housing series, Joy City complex series, and Xiangyun International Series.
As one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, the COFCO group’s brand advantages and resource advantages have created favorable conditions for the development of COFCO’s real estate. In 2010, COFCO comprehensively put forward the “two-chain strategy”, that is, the whole industry chain grain and oil.

   Water and electricity pipe brand list

3. The pipe

    Xinjiang The Water Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xinjiang The industry and trade (Group) Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the research and development, production, and processing of agricultural water-saving irrigation equipment, as well as water-saving irrigation engineering construction and technical services.

    The water-saving is committed to providing all-around water-saving technical services to society. In recent years, based on the introduction, digestion, and absorption of advanced water-saving technologies and equipment from Italy, Germany, and other European countries, the company has successively cooperated with well-known scientific research institutions at home and abroad to develop a batch of agricultural water-saving irrigation equipment with independent intellectual property rights, which greatly improves the technical level of water-saving irrigation in China and becomes China’s water-saving One of the few well-known enterprises in the field of agriculture, which has both technology research and development, equipment production and full service.

    What are the water and electricity pipe brands? Water and electricity pipe brand list

4. Tianzhuo management
    Changsha Tianzhuo Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province, covering an area of 140000 square meters. It is a production base of new chemical building materials with assets of several hundred million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, and sales, and has a group of professional R & D personnel and a production technology team of chemical building materials.

    At present, the company’s main projects are the production and sales of HDPE water supply pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe, steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe, gas pipe, waste landfill permeable pipe, mining pipe, and trenchless pipe, with an annual production capacity of 50000 tons. The production project adopts the international advanced technology and the industry’s most advanced fully-automatic computer-controlled production equipment. The product varieties and specifications are complete. The whole series of products have been tested by the national authority, and the mechanical properties and physical and chemical health indicators have reached the relevant standards. The products are rated as “famous brand of Hunan Province” and “famous trademark of Hunan Province”. The factory has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and OHSAS18001 occupational health system certification. Relying on the scientific management of data, a quality assurance system has been established for the whole process from raw and auxiliary materials screening, process formulation, and online quality monitoring to finished products leaving the factory. With traceability, it is one of the domestic professional HDPE pipe manufacturers. The products are widely used in municipal water supply and drainage, rural safe drinking water engineering, building water supply and drainage, water conservancy, agricultural and forestry drainage and irrigation, industrial and mining, gas, and other major construction fields. The product quality is deeply trusted by users, and the service is also well received by users.

What are the water and electricity pipe brands? Water and electricity pipe brand list

5. New super

    Shanxi Xinchao group is located in Qingxu Wangda (No.3 national highway No.208) in Taiyuan, 30 kilometers away from the center of Taiyuan, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Shanxi Xinchao group consists of Shanxi Xinchao Radiator Co., Ltd. and Xinchao Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Shanxi Xinchao Radiator Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. Relying on the advantaged coal and iron resources and the first introduction of advanced production technology of a new radiation convection radiator, Shanxi Xinchao Radiator Co., Ltd. has shown vigorous development since its birth, and has rapidly developed into a leading enterprise in China’s radiator industry city in Qingxu. It has been named a “quality trustworthy unit, contract abiding unit, and advanced tax payment unit” by the relevant departments of the province, city, and county. In 1998, it was determined as the designated production enterprise of radiation convective radiators by the Ministry of construction of the people’s Republic of China and China Construction Machinery Corporation. In recent years, Xinchao radiator has been the qualified product of key projects in Shanxi Province, comfortable housing projects, and 50 key projects in Shenyang.

    The company’s management is in line with the international level and has passed the IS09001 quality system certification, which effectively guarantees the high quality and high quality of the products. The company was awarded the title of Shanxi high-tech enterprise. After the inspection and evaluation by the designated production enterprise evaluation committee of the water supply and drainage equipment branch of the China Building Metal Structure Association of the Ministry of construction, our company is approved to be the designated manufacturer of nano antibacterial stainless steel plastic composite pipe, nano antibacterial PP-R plastic pipe and socket quick connect plastic pipe fitting, and the products are designated as the recommended products for engineering construction. The project of nano antibacterial stainless steel plastic composite pipe is listed as the national Spark Program project of the Ministry of science and technology, and the scientific and technological achievements promotion project of the Ministry of construction.

    What are the water and electricity pipe brands? Water and electricity pipe brand list

6. Ad

    Ad Plastics Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983. From an unknown family workshop enterprise, it has developed into a large group spanning Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta, and Pearl River Delta. The industry involves plastic pipes, plastic profiles, photovoltaic solar energy, household appliance switches, and other fields. The development of the AD group has witnessed a magnificent picture of China’s reform and opening up.

    In October 2013, the national post-doctoral research station of the AD group was approved to be set up. Yonggao Co., Ltd., A.D. solar energy Co., Ltd., Shanghai ad Building Materials Development Co., Ltd., and Anhui Yonggao Plastic Industry Development Co., Ltd. were successively rated as high-tech enterprises. “A.D.” brand plastic pipe, “era A.D.” trademark, and “A.D.” brand solar module series products have won many national and provincial awards.

    The enterprise adheres to the synchronous and coordinated development of production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, and harmonious culture. It has been awarded as one of the top 500 private enterprises in China “Top 100 enterprises with the most growth in China”, “national advanced private enterprises in employment and social security”, “home of national model workers”, “book house of national model workers”, “leading backbone enterprise of industrial industry in Zhejiang Province”, “civilized unit of Zhejiang Province”, “demonstration enterprise of transformation and upgrading in Zhejiang Province”, “enterprise of harmonious labor relations in Zhejiang Province”, etc.

    “A.D.” means “carrying history and facing the future”. Ad group implements the “double hundred project” with the development concept of building a century-old enterprise and the strategic goal of implementing a 10 billion output value. It has a solid operation, steady development, and new high.

    What are the water and electricity pipe brands? Water and electricity pipe brand list

7. Qingsu

    Qingpu Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Taihe Industrial Zone, Qingxin County, Qingyuan City, in the back garden of the Pearl River Delta. The company covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of more than 50000 tons. It is an enterprise integrating scientific research, production, and sales services. The company introduces advanced production equipment and technology at home and abroad, a complete set of testing instruments, and specializes in the production of PVC, PP-R, PE, and other plastic pipe series products. The products are divided into five types drainage, water supply, electrician, power, and communication, with more than 30 series varieties and their accessories. The products are widely used in municipal engineering pipelines, indoor and outdoor cold and hot water supply facilities, domestic and sanitary drinking water pipe systems, solar energy facilities pipes, municipal construction underground drainage, building drainage, agricultural and orchard water supply and irrigation, deep well pumping, mine and building ventilation, the heating system of residential, hotel, office and other places, protection of wires or cables in buildings Wiring, burying, protection of Posts and telecommunications, communications, high and low voltage power cable pipeline laying and other construction. After years of research and development, production practice, with high-quality products, a good business reputation, strong technical support, and an after-sales service system, we have won the trust and praise of our customers.

    Through the joint efforts of all staff, the company passed ISO9001 Quality management system certification, Beijing water-saving product certification, were selected as “Guangdong Province rural drinking water safety engineering pipeline supplier”, “Guangdong Province Power Grid pipeline supplier”, “Guangxi power grid pipeline supplier”, and obtained the “approval document of hygiene license for drinking water related health and safety products” issued by Guangdong Provincial Department of health, and “adopted international standard products” issued by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision “Product mark certificate” and “quality assurance system certificate”, and “AAA for five consecutive years” awarded by China Quality and credit evaluation center+ “Qingyuan credit demonstration enterprise” was awarded by China Industrial and commercial credit evaluation center, “quality assurance unit” by Qingyuan Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and “integrity and rights protection commitment unit” by Qingyuan consumer committee, and “seven consecutive years’ contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise” by Qingyuan Administration for Industry and commerce National famous brands and “key recommended products for construction projects” are inspected regularly by Guangdong Construction Quality Supervision Station.

    Water and electricity pipe brand list

8. Blue feather

    Lanling Group is headquartered in Shanghai financial center. At present, the company has seven production bases and sales networks covering the whole country in Fengxian, Zhejiang, Quanzhou, Xuchang, Henan, Linyi, Tianjin, and Chengdu, Sichuan Province. These production bases and sales networks are strategically distributed throughout China and can provide customers with high-quality products and considerate services promptly.

    To enhance the company’s independent innovation and R & D capabilities, Lanling enterprise has established an international level R & D center. At present, the R & D center has a research and development team composed of doctors, masters, middle and senior engineers, and industry consultants. It has developed and applied for several invention patents and utility model patents. In recent years, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, and won the honors of “famous brand of Chinese management industry”, “Shanghai high-tech enterprise”, and “Shanghai best-selling brand”.

    Water and electricity pipe brand list

9. Sorbonne management

    Shanghai Sorbonne Plastics Group is located in Shanghai, China’s economic and Trade Center. It is a leading enterprise of China’s new plastic pipeline brand and a well-known international chemical building material pipeline supplier. With the core of Shanghai, piece Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., mingsuo new materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and gaobang electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the group is committed to the R & D, production, and sales of new plastic pipes and high-grade electrical products, to meet the customers’ pursuit of high-quality life.

    Shanghai Sorbonne Plastics Group focuses on the supply of environmental protection and health products and professional brand services. Its “Sorbonne” brand has been awarded the “Shanghai famous brand” and “the special product designated by the China north-south pole examination team”, “Top 10 brands in China”, “20 top quality brands in China”, “ISO 14001 environmental management system certification”, “ISO 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification”, “products using international standards and foreign advanced standards certification”, There are more than 100 honorary titles, such as “2013 Jinying Award – consumer satisfied products”, “4-star credit star enterprise of Shanghai pipeline industry”, “3.15” national quality and service integrity excellent enterprise “,” 3.15 “national quality inspection and stable qualified product”.

    What are the water and electricity pipe brands? Water and electricity pipe brand list

10. Sparganium

    Zhejiang Sanding Plastic Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Jiangshan plastic pipe fittings factory) was founded in 1993 and renamed Jiangshan Sailing Plastic Co., Ltd. in 2000, it was renamed Zhejiang Sailing Plastic Co., Ltd. with the approval of the industrial and commercial administrative department in 2003. With the progress of the times, the demand of enterprises, the development of talents, the development of new technology, and the improvement of product quality, the scale of the enterprise is growing. There are more than 500 employees, including 15% of junior high school culture, 30% of high school culture, and more than 180 Engineering (economic) and technical personnel. There are 7 departments and 1 room in functional institutions, one of which is human resources The resource department is dedicated to recruiting people with ambition. They are enterprising and hardworking. They are undergraduates and various technical talents. The enterprise adheres to the principle of people-oriented, moral employment, and benefit seeking.

    In addition, the top ten pipeline brands are Liansu lesso, poly pipeline, merge, Sorbonne pipe, pears ABM, Junxing pipe, Weixing vasen, Longsheng pipe ls, jomugy best, Zhongcai, etc. the famous (famous) pipeline brands are RiFeng, Jinde Ginde, Tianli teil, Hongyue, A.D., Feishite fans, Baidie, Hongyan pipe industry H Onyar, Jinniu pipe industry, Guotong pipe industry, Kangtai pipe industry, TK, Yatong Aton, Baoshuo, etc., are arranged in any order, and are only provided for your reference. The above is the introduction of the water and electricity pipe brand, the content is only for reference, I hope it can help you to choose pipe material.

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